Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's Net Filtering Made A Fool Of

Senator Conroy's Internet Filtering Scheme has been made a fool of time and time again, yet the minister still refuses to see common sense.At what stage did the australian politicians become so arrogant that they forgot who they work for.Senator Conroy I ask you to listen to the people, and remove this buracratic crap or the australian people will sack you.......

Hackers Target Government Websites

Australian Government websites attacked over proposed internet filter and censorship of some pornography.

Operation Titstorm was launched this morning by the group known as Anonymous, it briefly brought down a number of Government websites.

Anonymous claimed the attack was to highlight moves by the Government to ban the import of films featuring female ejaculation (which was classified as urination) as well as films featuring small-breasted women, over fears such films were simulating child pornography.

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