Stephen Conroy's Misleading & Outrageous Interview

Recently Stephen Conroy had an on-camera interview with Fairfax Media's national Canberra bureau chief, Tim Lester.During the interview Senator Conroy made some outrageous and accusations and provided false and mis-leading comments.Senator conroy claims that the criticism over his policy his due to "misleading information" spread by "an organised group in the online world".If these organisations are providing false or mis-leading information, please set us straight and give us the answers we are looking for with direct responses, not government babble.

How To Bypass Stephen Conroy's Net Filter

For all those disagreeing with the forced net filtering a simple method to get around it is to use a VPN connection or software.This can be achieved free of charge by using the software available at

Another option is to use googles advanced search feature

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's Net Filtering Made A Fool Of

Senator Conroy's Internet Filtering Scheme has been made a fool of time and time again, yet the minister still refuses to see common sense.At what stage did the australian politicians become so arrogant that they forgot who they work for.Senator Conroy I ask you to listen to the people, and remove this buracratic crap or the australian people will sack you.......

Internode Rated Top Internet Service Provider

Internode has been ranked top ISP by users again. have released there latest survey detailing ISP's customer service satisfaction, And not surprisingly Internode have toped it again.I have personally used internode since last reviewed them, and can confirm that in the last 12 months have never lost my internet connection or even had to contact them for that matter.

Hackers Target Government Websites

Australian Government websites attacked over proposed internet filter and censorship of some pornography.

Operation Titstorm was launched this morning by the group known as Anonymous, it briefly brought down a number of Government websites.

Anonymous claimed the attack was to highlight moves by the Government to ban the import of films featuring female ejaculation (which was classified as urination) as well as films featuring small-breasted women, over fears such films were simulating child pornography.

ISP iiNet beats studios in movie piracy case

IINET has won a landmark Federal Court battle against a clutch of Hollywood movie studio heavyweights which alleged the Perth-based internet service provider had encouraged copyright violations.

The federal government and overseas observers have monitored this case very closely. Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) took iinet to court saying that iiNet was legally liable for alleged copyright infringement activity by its customers.<laugh-out-loud>

Pirate Bay confident of trial win

One of the founders of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay has said he anticipates victory in the court battle over alleged copyright theft.

Peter Sunde said: "We are quite confident we are going to win."

One of the founders of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay has said he anticipates victory in the court battle over alleged copyright theft.

Peter Sunde said: "We are quite confident we are going to win."

Mr Sunde said the site would continue operating even if he and his three co-defendants were found guilty on Friday.

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