Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Six-Core CPU

Intel have unveiled their newest processor, the Core i7 980x Extreme. The CPU pushes the envelope by including six physical cores, and hyper threading technology to virtualize twelve cores--its almost like having twelve computers in one.With massive gains in some applications, in my opinion there is no other processor on the market that matches its performance.

Intel unveiled new six-core Core i7 980x Extreme processorsWith the extra cores, faster clock speeds, massive internal cache, their are definitely big gains to be had but, Consumers & Administrators don't need to rush out to jump on the six-core bandwagon. Only certain consumers & businesses will see any immediate gain.

There is some good news for all, though. The Core i7 980x is an LGA 1366 socket processor, and is capable of running on existing X58 Express chipset motherboards (after a simple BIOS update), so it is possible to make use of the new processor without having to upgrade or replace other hardware in the system.

The Core i7 980x Extreme definitely excelled in Arithmetic, Multimedia and Cryptography proving the fastest processor I have ever seen.The productivity side of things seem to lack with audio encoding, some aspects of video creation and video transcoding all slightly down.3D media creation is where the core i7 980x extreme really seem to shine with big gains in Cinebench, POV-Ray, 3DS Max, WinRAR and 7Zip.Trycrypt also had a whopping 52% gain.All in all the new Core i7 980x Extreme is a cpu for the future as far as I am concerned. The general user will not see enough advantage to justify the massive $1000+ price tag, and performance really is closely related to mutli-core enabled software and applications.Although the future is extremely interesting.

With the exception of the high-end processing tasks,most businesses will have very little reason to upgrade to the new core i7 980x Extreme processor. But, Intel is offering it for the same price as the Core i7 975x, and for that reason it would make more sense to go with the core i7 980x Extreme.

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