Warning: HP SimpleSave 320GB portable drive pitfalls & problems

I was recently contacted by a person who had bought one of these easy to use portable backup drives.I think its important to share with everyone the problems you can run into with these types of drives and why you should not purchase one.Below is a copy of his email for you.

I would like to warn people of the potential problems with today's portable backup drives and their easy-to-use software.The HP SimpleSave 320GB portable drive has software that seems to be a customized version of ClickFree software, This type of software automatically backs up files based on comon file extensions, The software is also tied into the circuitry which in theory might seem like a good idea but can have disastrous results.

When I recently lost some data I grabbed my portable drive to restore it only to find out the portable drive had also failed.After spending a lot of money getting the contents of the drive back I then find out that the Simplesave software stores it in a special format.The file was 283GB and called 301.gz, At first I thought it was as easy as unzipping the file but soon realized that inside that gzip file was another file with no extension and of course you need the portable drive to access it.

After 7 hours in total talking to HP the only response I have from them is "HP do not support data recovery" even though I have expressed many times that the data has already been recovered and I only need information on how to extract the file that their product created.I have also expressed how important the data is and that I have already spent $700 but they don't seem interested to help.So from now on I think I'll do it the old fasion way, buy a hard drive and external case and most importantly "copy & paste".

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